About Naturopathy

Naturopathic medicine

Naturopathy is based on the belief that our bodies can heal themselves if they are given the nutrients and support which they require.

One of the first principles of Naturopathy is to treat the person as a whole - not just as an isolated symptom. Naturopaths believe that health or disease may result from a combination of various physical, emotional, dietary, lifestyle, genetic and/or environmental factors. So accordingly, each person is offered an individualised treatment plan, which takes these factors into account.

Naturopathic medicine may be beneficial for all people of all ages. Most health concerns, both acute and chronic, can benefit from Naturopathic medicine, and it is particularly effective when treating the Nervous system, the Immune system, the Digestive system and the Endocrine system.

Herbal medicines are made from a plants seeds, root, berries, leaf, bark or flower for a medicinal purpose. Herbal medicine is very safe if taken as prescribed by a Naturopath or medical herbalist. Clear dosage instructions will always be given upon prescribing.

Bach flower remedies

These are prepared from the flowers of specific plants which are picked when in bloom, placed in water and then allowed to steep in sunshine for 3-4 hours. The water is drained and the liquid is added to brandy to become a flower remedy. Each flower remedy has a particular healing power.

Homeopathic medicine

This medicine contains a minute amount of a substance which is then diluted and shaken until the desired potency is obtained. Homeopathy works by stimulating a person’s vital force to throw off the illness or condition which is causing the symptoms.


Every area of your body is related to a section of your iris. An Iridologist will examine the eye with an iris torch and by identifying marks in the iris can detect areas in the body which may be functioning poorly.


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