Pre-Conception & Pregnancy Care

Pre-Conception Care

Prior to conception, I encourage prospective parents to take stock of their lifestyle and nutrient intake, so that when conception occurs there is an optimum environment for foetal growth and development.

By building a health relationship prior to conception, this allows me to recognise patterns and signs which might be part of a bigger picture and so may be of concern during pregnancy.

During a consultation I will outline an individualised protocol for both parents which may include dietary modifications, nutrient assessment and supplementation along with herbal medicine. At this time I will also show couples how to determine the best time for becoming pregnant so that healthy conception can occur.

Pregnancy Care

I work with the pregnant woman throughout the pregnancy and post-natally, to ensure that both Mother and baby are receiving optimum nutrition with sound naturopathic prescribing.

Sometimes there are problems during pregnancy and I receive referrals from Midwives and other health practitioners who are looking for alternative health care for their client. I am able to work alongside other practitioners regarding any health concerns.


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